Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Were So Promotional!

The Pink Pizza Facebook Shop is open for business and has taken the web by storm! What better way to get word out about our freshly baked apparel then with some promotional material?

Head Chef Lyndah Pizarro took the time for her fans to showcase a little behind the scenes action in vlog form.


 After a few takes this little Pink Pizza promo video came about at the end of the behind the scenes video.


Lyndah and her father Lou Pizarro took a little time from repossessing cars to let all they're Operation Repo fan's know that the EGA Repo Agent/ Princess tee's are now available for purchase. To all those that purchase a tee were asking that you take a creative picture in it and send it back our way to post in a special album on out Facebook Page.


-Team Pink Pizza

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Promo Posters Ready For Delivery

So for those that are a little behind in the Pink Pizza news we decided to add a very special gift to the first 20 customers that purchased a Repo Agent/ Princess tee and that came in the form of an EGA Badge Poster autographed by Lyndah, Lou, and Sonia Pizarro. We even decided to go above and beyond the typical poster paper and have them printed on high quality banner material so they're going to last a lifetime.

 Sonia was a little under the weather wasn't up to taking a photo but we managed to catch Lou on a late night in his vehicle on the set of his brand new TV series "Gypsy Hunter" all smiles with a thumbs up while leaving his John Hancock. He want's to personally welcome the first 20 to the EGA team and thanks them all for they're purchase.

Last and certainly not least we find Head Chef of Pink Pizza Lyndah Pizarro at home warm in front of her fireplace putting on the finishing touches before all the orders go out for delivery. She wants to personally thank all the Pink Pizza fans and customers for being so support in the early stages of her clothing line and hopes the first 20 enjoy they're tee's, stickers, and posters. 

Congrats to:
Amanda.O, City of Amsterdam Veterans Commission Fund, Kathy.G, Christina.C, Jackie. CS , Craig.B, Elise.J, Kyle.B, Judd.J, William.G, Jim.S, Jessica.B, Dennie.S, Teresa.B, William.K, Cecilia.D

If your one of the first 20 please feel free to send us a creative picture in your tee so we can share it with the world in our photo gallery on our Facebook Page. Send to ilovepinkpizza@gmail.com

-Team Pink Pizza

Monday, November 21, 2011

We Are NOT The Father!

Pink Pizza is coming up in the world yall! We were showcased on The Maury show today and we can assure you all that we are NOT the father of that baby. lol

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pink Pizza and Raiders Charity

The crew here at Pink Pizza woke up bright and early this morning to head out to the 58 Bar and Grill for the big Raiders Charity event. Fresh baked Pink Pizza was on hand for the Raider Nation and they all defiantly satisfied they're appetites via purchases and by getting the chance to meet and greet our head chef Lyndah Pizarro and her father/ head Repo Man Lou Pizarro at the Pink Pizza table.

Not only was it a great turn out to raise money for two great causes but it was also a celebration for Pink Pizza head chef Lyndah Pizarro's 23rd Birthday and this wonderful cake was just one of many surprises through out the day.

All around it was a great event regardless of the fact that it was raining cats and dogs. The weather didn't stop any of the die hard fans from coming out to celebrate they're favorite team and help those in need. Thank you to all of those that came out and support the cause as well as Pink Pizza.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pink Pizza Stickers Are In!

Pink Pizza stickers are finally in everybody! Yay! They came out so go complete with the easy peel backing. Sent out a few sets to some of our loyal Pink Pizza fans to get there stick on as we've all ready done here at the parlor. lol

You can purchase your set straight from our Facebook Pink Pizza Shop for $2.99 right now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What To Expect From Pink Pizza

First and foremost I want to thank all those that have liked and followed the Pink Pizza Facebook/ Twitter pages. You have all shown so much love with a really welcoming response at such an early stage in Pink Pizza's development. We've been getting tons of questions so hopefully I can answer majority of them here while letting you all know what you can expect from the line.

Pink Pizza as a whole will be a major movement in the form of a clothing line that will have tee's, hoodies, hats, undies, shorts, posters, stickers, accessories, etc. The line will revolve around a dope Pizzaria theme with a ton of flavor, characters, themes, and will also have an "Operation Repo" inspired section of various items that we've coined "Operation Pink Pizza" to satisfy all of Lyndah's repo fanatics appetites. The "Repo Agent" tee is just one of many that will be in this special collection just to give you an idea.

While Pink Pizza is "under construction" we plan on sharing our growth with you brick by brick as if it were a Pizzeria been built in your home town. Our logo should be finished any day now by our very talented illustrator Alexander D at which point we will showcase. The most popular question we've probably received is "When will tee's be available for purchase?" The answer is we don't have an official launch date at this point but were pushing for sometime next month in which we hope to have 2 Operation Pink Pizza tee's and 2 Pink Pizza tee's as well as some accessories to go with them like hats, stickers, posters, and undies. Yes there will be a package deal option to save a few bucks and we plan on having some really cool contest giveaways on our Facebook and twitter pages prior to the launch.

One major thing we want to accomplish with the line outside of dressing the whole world with our deliciously baked gear is to give back. As most of you know our Head Chef Lyndah Pizarro has a huge heart and is all about helping various charities, people, and organizations. With that said Pink Pizza will showcase a special tee targeted embracing the theme of the charity, person, or organization at hand where a % of proceeds will be donated from sales. The cure for cancer will more then likely be our first special tee.

Pink Pizza can be bought exclusively on our website at www.ilovepinkpizza.com once its built and we will ship worldwide. Speaking of shipping...to keep up with our really cool pizza theme we plan on giving an option to ship your items in a custom Pink Pizza box where you'll also have the choice of having Lyndah Pizarro herself sign it! How cool is that?!

Another popular question we've been getting is "Will there be plus sizing available?" The answer is Yes. We plan on making gear in all shapes and sizes and will take special orders during preorder if we have to. Pricing for tee's hasn't yet been discussed but were looking to keep them at an affordable price range depending on material, process, and theme.

Hopefully we've answered your popular questions and if you have some or an idea for a tee please feel free to let us know via our Facebook, twitter, or ilovepinkpizza@gmail.com

Friday, August 12, 2011

Why the name "Pink Pizza?"

 While laying in bed Lyndah Pizarro of the hit TV show Operation Repo and her boyfriend were setting up Lyndah's brand new PS3 she had just bought. All the settings were good to go and it was now time to come up with a PS3 identity. All the obvious ones were said like Lyndah Pizarro, Repo Princess, etc etc but she wanted something away from her persona/ show. Silence hit the room for a few minutes as they both thought of names and then it hit her boyfriend. Pink is her favorite color and one of his favorite nicknames for her was Pizza which came from people constantly spelling her last name wrong (Pizzaro) and the sound. Pink Pizza (plus a few numbers we won't give out lol) was then born and forever her PS3 screen name.

Lyndah has always been a fan of apparel and her boyfriend had a line of his own so it was inevitable that Lyndah would have a clothing line of her own. Her boyfriend mentioned to Lyndah why not have your own line with your own style and flavor with some repo inspired pieces since there no apparel available and BAM! Pink Pizza was born.